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How to Make Fat for Cooking? - Stage 1

Cooking (roasting, frying, baking etc.) should be done with stable natural fats, because these fats do not alter their chemical structure when heated.

These fats are;

  • pork dripping

  • goose fat

  • duck fat

  • beef lard

  • lamb fat

  • coconut oil

  • ghee

  • butter

Dr. Natasha constantly repeats that animal fats are vital for a GAPSters and need to be consumed in generous amounts daily. The more animal fats you consume the quicker you will recover!

How to make fat at home?

  • pork, lamb, beef – use the internal fat layer from the animal

  1. Put all fat pieces in the roasting dish and cover.

  2. Roast the fat on a 130'C in the oven.

  3. Roast for 2-3 hours depending on the size of fat.

  4. Pour the fat through the cheesecloth or metal sieve.

  5. Store in glass jar and refrigerate.

  6. Use for all cooking, baking and frying in liberal amounts.


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