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Ghee - Clarified Butter

What is ghee?

Ghee is a clarified butter produced from cows milk, which has been heated up for long periods to remove the water (whey) and milk solids. What’s left is a concentrated form of butterfat, which can be stored at room temperature.

What happens if you cook ghee too long?

You will end up with brown butter. That just means those milk solids on the bottom became caramelized and the butter starts to smell like toffee or butterscotch. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.

Why is ghee good for you?

· Ghee is rich in vitamin A, D, E, K

· Ghee is free of lactose and casein

· Ghee contains butyrate (a fatty acid which can be made in the gut but if your gut flora is compromised then your gut might not be making sufficient amounts of butyrate). Butyrate is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help protect against cancer, gut disorders like IBS and autoimmune diseases

How to make ghee?

It is very simple to make at home by melting butter and skimming the butter fat from the top. What is left is a yellow liquid and when this cools down it becomes creamy clarified butter. Ghee has a high smoke point making it ideal to cook with.


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