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What my clients say?

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Marta, Dublin

I consulted with Ania regarding personal issues as well as my clients. Ania is highly professional and skilled in finding helpful solutions. She guided me through GAPS diet explaining the steps and helping get through the challenging changes I had to make to regain my health and energy. She's patient and motivated. I'm impressed with her positive energy and mental strength. On many occasions I felt like giving up, but with Ania encouragement I continued the process of changing my eating habits for better and healthier.

Izabela, Paris

Ania's passion about health and GAPS diet is infectious, it helps a lot to go through the protocol. It may not be the easier one but definitely worth the effort and Ania's guidance is enormous help! Thanks to Ania I am back on my healthy track and dont worry you gonna eat 'GAPS ice cream' too!!! :) Thank you Ania

Magdalena, Cork

I am a healthy person now. It took me a while to get here where I am now, but that's all thanks Ania knowledge


Marta, Dublin

Anna introduced my husband who suffers from Crohns disease to The Gaps Diet. She has been very helpful and patient, explaining all the protocols of the diet. It’s been 4 mounts when my husband stared the GAPS and even though is difficult it’s working and he feels better, with symptoms slowly going away. And Anna is always there for us to help with the advice. Highly recommended service

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