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Hi, I’m Ania Szmaj. I am a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and I am a Certified GAPS Practitioner.


A little about me - I love to eat, and to eat well as I believe that food is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

I grew up in Poland and I was brought up on traditional old fashioned diet, which I believe provided me with a wonderful framework of nutrition.


Over the last few years, I participated in many conferences and seminars. I am constantly trying to increase my knowledge about alternative therapies, nutrition and functional medicine.


My goal is to improve your general wellbeing, or help you with a specific issue long term, whilst enabling you to enjoy your food everyday.



I believe that food is an effective prevention method


• That the body has an innate ability to heal itself if given the proper tools to do so


• That health begins with digestion


• That the quality of food has a profound effect on health 


• I do not believe in counting calories, grams, points, or other ways that food is measured


• I believe that health encompasses many different aspects of life. Although nutrition obviously plays a major role, health is not just about food. Stress, sleep, environmental exposures, social support, activity levels, and many other factors can affect your health.

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